Wednesday, December 13, 2017

When things don't make sense

So often things don't make sense. On a daily basis, a thing will happen and you find yourself saying to yourself, "wait, what?"

And how to deal with all the change (i.e. the things that don't make sense and have fallen out of your personal routine of understanding?)

Roll with it, find the humor in it. Try to consider how what you can't control or don't agree with can be dropped from the front of your thoughts so it doesn't knock you off your center. Otherwise you just might be angry all the time or god forbid, a curmudgeon. Maybe limit your exposure to the media? Just an idea.

Last week in Coronado I was visiting family and friends when I went to see the Christmas tree at the world famous Hotel Del Coronado.  While looking at the tree with my friend's Katherin and Clyde, I heard two perspectives of this tree. Katherin said her parents were quite alarmed and not in agreement with the upside down idea. On the other hand, Clyde said his 15-year-old Charlie simply strode into the hotel and upon seeing this spectacle he asked "how do they water it?' with a devilish grin. I'm with Charlie ~ let that roll, people. What would you expect from the year we've had as well as the notably fact that Hilton bought this historic hotel less than six months ago. We expect change in this case. The world is topsy turvy, bring it.

This past Sunday I attended a closing ceremony of an art show called "Some things that may be helpful at some point" featuring talented artist David Fullarton that I met and worked with in my advertising years. David's Scottish origins have given him just the right culturally creative perspective on this thing called life and we are blessed to be able to peak inside that brain through his art. The closing day of his show was Dec 10 at the Compound Gallery in Oakland.  I've focused below on a piece because I've often wondered the same ... "why are we all acting like there's no need to panic?" Seeing David at the gallery with his wife Lisa who I've also known from that same ad agency was lovely. David keeps his day job as a copywriter but please take a moment to look at his work here and you can always go the the Compound Gallery to ask and see his pieces that are stored there even when the show is not hanging.

The recipe right now and throughout the holidays: find the humor in the seriousness, as well as counting our blessings and actually stopping to think about them occasionally.

upside down Christmas tree December 2017 / L to R is Katherin, Clyde and me

I ask this to myself sometimes

Monday, December 4, 2017

An unusual event for brain cancer fundraising...

Yesterday there was an event in San Diego that I participated in called Over the Edge for Brain Cancer. It was coordinated by ABC2 and a friend had advised I participate in it with my brother Ian who had a brain tumor removed in 2008.  The trials of dealing with an illness related to brain cancer for many people are almost indescribable so this event was unique in that many people were there who were survivors or family of those that were impacted. To read more about the details of Ian and his story, you can go to his BLOG here.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Enduro ~ a sport that is like power washing the soul

There is nothing quite like being around an adrenalin sport to electrify the soul and stimulate the senses. This was the case over the past weekend in Fouts Springs, California for the 47th annual Jackhammer Enduro. I learned about this sport last year for the first time and what an enduro is all about. This is an event for some seriously fit individuals as it takes timing, focus, athleticism and some copious stamina. I was honored to be part of the registration crew with the Oakland Motorcycle Club for two days as well as being involved with two checkpoints along the route. And of course motorcycle camping at the venue always brings joy and beauty ~ waking up in the middle of the night to go out and look at the clear stars unobscured by city lights in the Mendocino Forest.

Friday afternoon arrival, ready for the action

this area is very popular for the OHV crowd and will be in perpetuity now

checkpoint 3, the "A" riders coming through 

checkpoint 3 

yep, that's a checkpoint alright ~ checkpoint 10

checkpoint 10 snuck up on some riders who hammered their brakes

Smitty recording the riders and their times

coming in hot to the 10th checkpoint

Monday, October 16, 2017

Oaklandish events last night ~ double "wow"

Two incredible experiences last night and both were a first for me. Going to the Paramount Theatre in Oakland and seeing Ludovico Einaudi perform live on stage. One of my favorite pieces of his, Nuvole Bianche can be listened to at the bottom of this post on YouTube.

I discovered this artist via Pandora Radio one day five years ago and I find some of his pieces very moving. At this sublime venue on stage, he was as impressive as ever.

The theatre itself is worth reading about here, such interesting history.

the details inside the historic theatre

can't resist a selfie of me and Heba in the lobby before the show

the ceiling, patented design by original architect Timothy L. Pflueger

image from last night's show toward the end, slowly rotating on screen

details in the theatre
captivating and ever-changing neon light show out front

wall of light in the lobby ~ stunning

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Wonders of the Rabbit Hole

dueling queen of hearts 2012 / me @ R
I've always been a huge fan of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and five years ago I attended a party hosted by a friend in the desert in a town called Darwin near Death Valley that was an entire two days of Alice in Wonderland themed festivities.  People took it very seriously at that time complete with a piano player entertaining guests in an old cave used by miners over 100 years ago. The fact that this book was written over 150 years ago and still has such pull is also interesting to me.

With all that in mind, I was inspired to organize an ANNA in WONDERLAND ride this past Saturday and 11 intrepid souls, mostly with the Oakland Motorcycle Club that I'm a member of came with me "down the rabbit hole" for a treasure hunt at six rest stops on a 102 mile route (map below).  It was an all day affair with "prizes for everyone" just like the Caucus Race in the original story. All participants took it very seriously and "a good time was had by all."

The many excellent quotes from this story are worth reviewing at the very least if you can't make time to read the whole bit.

original invitation to join me down the rabbit hole

the first stop / hunt, getting the hang of finding the hidden cards

fierce competition at stop 2 on Mines Rd.

stop 3 at the Junction Bar & Grill and the hunters are moving fast

Tweedle Dum and Dee with Nick at The Junction

Tracy at Lick Observatory almost going head first into the garden

a proper Mad Hatter tea party WITH tea at Joseph Grant County Park

Mark Norris discovers a card under his seat at the tea party

fun to try and hide where the public would not find them

the Junction Bar and Grill on Mines Rd.

roses hidden at each stop scored extra points (reference to the book)

mistress of ceremony for the day

the group at lunch

James carried a flask with this A in W scene engraved
inside the great Lick Refractor, the man James Lick is entombed under the telescope

approaching Lick Observatory, an impressive place

with mostly roads like this, no wonder it took all day to do 102 miles

the route / going clockwise

2012 party in Darwin CA

2012 party in Darwin CA

2012 party in Darwin CA

dueling queen of hearts 2012 Darwin

2012 party in Darwin CA

2012 party in Darwin CA