Saturday, January 30, 2021

130 feet up on SUNFLOWER the Tower Crane

This past Monday I was able to go up to the top of Sunflower the Tower Crane. I scrambled up (albeit at a very methodical pace) what is something similar to a ships ladder but 11 stories tall. So rung by rung I kept going up the tower until I couldn’t go any further and some little steel door over my hard hat opened and I was up in the inner sanctum. I was able to interview the famous Peter to ask about his work and I really learned a lot. Anemometer, turntable, counter-jib, trolley, hook block (aka old man), bellman vs rigger, load calculations, there was so much to take in. After I got back down, my legs felt like Jell-O because of the over tensing that I did getting back down. It was all very worth it, an adult version of the jungle gym to be sure. 🏗🙏🥰 #work #inspiration #construction #towercrane BNBuilders

heading back down

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