Sunday, March 14, 2021

rogue art ~ mysteries

 I read this article recently about a statue named Grace here in Bellingham.  This image below doesn't convey the size and weight as it's rather big. It was installed originally for a brief time ten years ago and went away only to reappear recently.

This reminded me of one of my favorite rogue art pieces also in 2011 June down in San Francisco. A very large baby doll was strapped supine to a boat in the bay but somehow and some point broke free and floated around the bay for awhile. This was quite the visual but the people were disturbed and it was deemed a maritime navigational hazard. So the Marin Sheriff's "Rescue One" boat went to fetch the big baby.  I recall that for some months after this ... the baby sat in a Sausalito Parking lot in the back of a truck until it faded away, like so many things. Another mystery, hard to follow.

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