Sunday, February 14, 2021

The best kind of Valentine ...

Sunflower Crane Valentine Drop complete on the WWU Bellingham job site as of last Friday around 11 AM. A group of us from BNBuilders went over on Monday to deliver fifty child size hardhats and apparently they have not come off the heads of the children all week. It was 24°F on Friday just ahead of a big snow storm with a breeze blowing that made it feel like single-digits. The weather was not enough to stop the children from coming over to see what Sunflower was up to.

And then we saw it, coming from the building in the air… tiny yellow bags fluttering in the Bellingham breeze on their way to the landing zone. Never before seen rigged to a crane in such an artistic fashion. Five wire circles containing hanging bags ~ one for each child. One teacher asked one of the children “what do you suppose is in the bags?” The immediate response from the 5-year-old was “probably some screws and stuff.”

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