Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nevada ~ open space and the Pony Express

Leaving Park City this morning and heading down in altitude to Salt Lake City to fill up on gas, I then headed due west on US Highway 80. When I got near the the town of Wendover, Utah, I saw a sign for the Bonneville Speedway which sure made sense because of the 60 miles of salt flat to my right that I rode next to leading up to Wendover. I then crossed over the state border painted on the road into Nevada known as West Wendover and took the photo of my motorcycle with the big "Wendover Will" sign. This town is also known for the Historic Wendover Airfield that has the Hangar for the Enola Gay.  That kind of history I don't want to tour first hand so I made a mental note and then pushed on into the desert to the southwest in order to get to Ely, Nevada. What I can confirm is that there is exactly 108 miles of no signs of life between Wendover and McGill Nevada -- not even a bird or small animal running across the road. Miles and miles of 80 mph two-lane sparsely traveled highway but in good condition. I probably only passed three vehicles in my trip. I did see a rest stop as I was close to McGill and it outlined the history of the Pony Express that apparently was on this same route over 150 years ago.

the salt flats are seemingly endless heading west out of Salt Lake City on US 80

"Wendover Will" and my motorcycle.
heading out of Wendover toward Ely ~ 108 miles of vista like this
the light seems brighter and not a sound around ~ very little signs of life

The Pony Express went on this route

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Curtis W Lambert, Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy said...

Try U.S. 6 from Ely to Tonopah. A very lonely no gas long way!