Thursday, April 13, 2017

God is in a sugar cube

"God is in a sugar cube". I saw this phrase on a pin while walking through "The Summer of Love Experience" at the de Young Museum last Sunday. Summer of Love or better yet, Summer of Drugs. Being the fiftieth anniversary this year, it's an eye opening event and then I searched through my memories to remember I was only three years of age living in Hawaii when this all was happening. But we did move to the Bay Area in 1970. I recall that I was deeply fond of my suede fringe jacket in 1972. I also remember a green bean bag chair in my room. But the rest of it was in "other people's homes" even though we lived in Mill Valley just north of San Francisco from 1970 to 1974. What struck me the most is how some of these fashions from 1967 seem to be revived in some stores today.

me in front of the sign before going through the exhibition

"Captain Trips" hat owned by Jerry Garcia for two years
and it became iconic as an object of the counterculture's patriotic spirit --
both ironic and  hopeful. 

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