Thursday, January 10, 2013

Your autograph please ~ how about this?

In the past several years I have been conducting a little experiment with signing my name. I have to take receipt of packages often or do transactions in downtown San Francisco. With the point-of-purchase systems moving digital with products like Square and others like it, I often "sign" on a tablet or iPhone screen to acknowledge receipt. So I decided to just start doodling to represent my name as it corresponds to my mood. Only this morning I signed like this with my finger on an iPad for some pastries:

What's interesting is that not one person of the dozens and dozens of people in the past few years, (merchants, FedEx, UPS or whoever) seem to give this pause or even remark.  Then again, I'm not signing "important" big documents. So when I came into the office and coworker Jon brought the newly nominated Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew's signature to my attention, it interested me.

I wondered if perhaps he should just start being even more creative with his signature ~ might be interesting. Then I looked back on the list of signers of US Currency from 1861 to present and was impressed with the diversity.

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