Monday, October 12, 2009

When my name is a pictograph, it looks like this

~ at least it did today.

For the past month I've been carrying out this little experiment at work. The delivery people come in with packages each morning ~ UPS, FEDEX, CAL OVERNIGHT, etc and they hand me this tablet like computer device with their "pens" (those need antibacterial wiping) that I'm supposed to sign in this little rectangular box. I could write "I eat bugs" and nobody would notice or care. I started drawing pictographs instead of my name. Everyone was fine with it except the FEDEX GROUND chap last Friday who was completely flummoxed by the incident. My response? "UPS didn't mind" and with that he ran out.


Anonymous said...

I think I'll try using the Mayan!

punkerjon said...

When I sign to authorize the credit card charge at my little market I always put a smiley face before my signature.