Sunday, June 9, 2019

Rest the Mind and Chase the Sorrow Away

Figuratively, nepenthe means "that which chases away sorrow".

Riding down Highway One on a sunny day is definitely a "sorrow chaser", below are my photos from yesterday. The turnaround point was my favorite Nepenthe restaurant and it just so happened they had an open house of the log cabin above the restaurant, which is unusual. This is a cabin with incredible history that one can feel when standing inside.  The motorcycle ride there and back at this time of year is incredible for the various aromas in the air -- the briny brisk salty ocean, the rich soil fragrances near Castroville tinged with artichoke and other crops.

just north of Big Sur at one of the vista turnouts

beautiful art piece at Coast, Big Sur art gallery

in the garden of the cabin above Nepenthe restaurant

view from Nepenthe Restaurant deck

one of the elaborate art pieces on a chandelier at the log cabin

the log cabin at Nepenthe

letting the mind rest by focusing on these beautiful simple things ...

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