Monday, October 15, 2018

“Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

We all tumbled down the rabbit hole this past Saturday for the second annual Anna in Wonderland event. Shenanigans started out at the Oakland Motorcycle Club for this 65 mile, 8 stop treasure hunt. All kinds of unexplainable and idiosyncratic things occurred just like in the original story. And here are some of my observations:
  • 3 different Alice characters from every age group
  • 39 participants, 22 on motorcycles and the rest in cars
  • being filmed out the passenger side of a passing car on High Street right after we left the club to go to the first stop
  • the policeman who pulled up at the first stop and kindly gave us "the look" to get the photographers car re-parked (no ticket issued)
  • the running adults in our group when each spot was given the green light to find playing cards hidden the day before, fun to watch
  • at the second stop... a "fresh" newborn baby on a picnic table with a couple and a scared dog under the table not moving an inch as our imposing group descended on them feverishly in search of playing cards
  • the two families having what they thought would be a quiet picnic at Eckley Pier picnic ground and our group momentarily interrupted them to look for the cards and roses but the young girl in the family had found a rose so she got a prize of course
  • some people got lost and then some missed the tea party and the cake resulting in confusion 
  • the big red hat of the Queen of Hearts Carol was left on the back of the sidecar so it blew off onto the road and Nick retrieved it from a possible sad existence when they circled back to go get forgotten sunglasses at the lunch stop
  • the cake, the cupcakes and Tracy the maker of this cake ferrying it about all over the course with the help of the photographers car
  • Julien wearing his great grandfather's vintage leather hand-painted motorcycle jacket and having his first motorcycle ride as pillion on Brent's motorcycle
Special thanks to Judyth Greenburgh for inspiring this event all the way back on May 7 2012 when I attended her Alice party in the desert, click here to check that out. 

To see photos of the event taken by professional photographer and friend of mine Ian Tervet, click this link. 

Below is a video I created with some of my photos and a handful of participant photos as well as my behind the scenes time lapse videos from the day before.

Anna in Wonderland 2018 from Anna MacKinnon on Vimeo.

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Unknown said...

Anna, you are a wonder! Thank you for making the magic happen!
Julien had a great time w/ memories to last a lifetime.
Tracy's cake was awe inspiring.
Cheers to falling down the rabbit hole with the wonderful OMC!