Monday, May 21, 2018

Sheetiron 300 Dualsport ~ ironing those sheets

As part of the Oakland Motorcycle Club, I worked the annual 27th Annual Sheetiron 300 Dualsport this past weekend and wow, what fun. This two-day ride began in Stonyford on Saturday morning, and it ended up in Fort Bragg on Saturday night, and returned to Stonyford on Sunday afternoon. This ride takes place each year on the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend.

Friday afternoon registration opened

a sense of humor

tech inspection


sweeper bikes

day one in Fort Bragg
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Kurt's doll (his passenger) lost an arm

Nick with his Ural and his monkey Kevin

fun with rear tire changing the morning of day 2

this was an R100 PD BMW that ignited on Day 1

day 2 as some of us in the support group made our way to Ft. Bragg

all I saw of Paul Gregersen was his dust as we went to Ft. Bragg

the roll chart

day 2 tossing bags on the trailer to head out

time lapse of the baggage unpack in Ft. Bragg

organization at its finest
Joe Rico has a sense of humor for sure
time lapse of day 2 loading bags in the truck

not one of our riders but we saw this at The Zen Motorcycle Shop in Pt Arena

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