Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The trip North in summary from Cabo San Lucas

On Thursday January 25th a handful of us left Cabo to start the week long trip North to home. Each day was gorgeous weather for the most part as seen by the pristine blue skies. The fourth day from Guerrero Negro to San Felipe was interesting in that we had immense side winds in the morning to make life a little interesting. The dirt road to Coco's Corner was fun though and the wind actually helped to usher the dust sideways and away from our faces. All in all a good trip with lots to see and experience. A total of 3,490 miles for 21 nights but not all days were travel days.

Tropic of Cancer in Baja, marker

We stopped here for a beer and this sweet dog.... always a dog around
the morning outside of our hotel in Ciudad Constitución

frequently we saw the Policía Federal in the larger cities

the cowboys having coffee in the morning enjoying their smartphones and some videos

so many questions

Sea of Cortez, breathtaking

Sea of Cortez

Descanso/memorial that I managed to capture going 75mph

only AIR SWIMMING allowed in this "piscina" like others in Baja... no water

descanso / memorial up on the hill

cow, where are you going?

checkpoint #5 heading North

stopping for a moment on the way to Coco's Corner

Coco's Corner

Coco's Corner
beautiful toll road from Mexicali to Tecate over 1300m in altitude with a view of the desert

Trip home.

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