Monday, January 22, 2018

Some time off the motorcycle in Cabo

It's been a few days of rest off the motorcycle staying here in Cabo San Lucas. Taking in the sights in addition to helping one of our esteemed Oakland Motorcycle Club members celebrate his 80th birthday here.

Last Friday morning when I woke up, a sprinkling of concerned posts on my Facebook to point out the terremoto that happened in Baja. We all slept through it thank goodness. So to celebrate Mark's birthday ~ we had a group photo by the pool and went on over to "The Office" for a bunch of snacks and drinks. And for the days since last week, relaxing and getting mentally prepared for the route home leaving in a few days.

Today we did the "Dolphin Encounter" with Cabo Adventures and wow, that was really unusual and interesting. I did not know that Dolphin's had tongues that could extend from their mouths.

the group Friday morning

some young funny dudes at "The Office"

Saturday night after the big dinner for Mark, we went to Squid Roe

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