Saturday, January 13, 2018

Day Two to Baja


Ensenada ~ we left Sylmar exactly at seven o’clock this morning like some kind of military operation. We got through the Los Angeles basin and San Diego freeways* with tons of traffic and some of our group were not big fans of lane splitting but we had to do it otherwise we’d still be sitting on the freeway probably right now. We arrived at the border (Tecate) around noon and got through without incident. Then we had an easy trip down to Ensenada on almost new freeway. We have virtually taken over the Villa Fontana here with our motorcycles parked around the courtyard. There’s a nice pool and very convivial atmosphere as we joined a bunch of others (mostly Canadians that have traveled with the OMC before and were fleeing the arctic tundra where they live). 

* I recommend listening to Pitbull or Usher to stay on your toes while going through LA traffic ... oh and also you should listen to Wall of Voodoo’s “Mexican Radio” whenever traveling in Mexico.

some of the motorcycles at the Villa Fontana in Ensenada

stuff in a shop window in Ensenads

early Saturday night in Ensenada
pool at the Villa Fontana

Day two route to Ensenada via Tecate border crossing

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