Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Day Five to Baja


Loreto ~ When we woke up this morning in Guerrero Negro, the fog was incredible. It was as thick as any fog in San Francisco ever was. We drove through this fog for forty five minutes until it cleared as we made our way over to the East Coast of Baja. We stopped for desayuno in San Ignacio and so much history in that town. The well known
Misión San Ignacio Kadakaamán is just one thing to see near the plaza. We stopped just up the street from the Misión at a restaurant called Rene's and to make things easy for our 25 people breakfast... we all at the same thing... machaca and it was good. Speedy service then! After looking around the plaza we went on to Santa Rosalía which has very interesting history. We visited the famed Iglesia de Santa Bárbara designed by the same Eiffel of Eiffel Tower. The town seemed to be booming. The hazards today as we were riding along seemed to be the cows grazing right on the edge of the road and then some occasional dogs coming out of "nowhere" to chase us a bit. Onward to Mulegé and a visit to a cantina on the beach for a quick refreshing cerveza while looking out at the Gulf waters. Then 90 more miles saw us end for the night in Loreto at the Hotel Santa Fe ~ very picturesque pool and hot tub with a terrific steakhouse next door. The weird thing though is that when we arrived to the Hotel Santa Fe, they were playing Christmas music which was a little surreal.

heading out 8am with thick fog in Guerrero Negro
San Ignacio stop at Renes for breakfast

same breakfast for all 25 humans made it quicker

I was enchanted with this pair of toilets and the gender importance
always a shy dog in the town

Misión San Ignacio Kadakaamán
of course on a dare I had to go up the stairs at the back of the church

when a group of motorcycles like ours stops for gas ~ it's like a swarm of bees
the metal on this truck fascinated me

metal art (by accident)

Irene Jack, "up for anything" and rides in the Ural sidecar

the cantina in Mulegé ~ on the beach

out of Mulegé and heading to Loreto

Santa Rosalía and The Iglesia de Santa Bárbara, designed by Gustave Eiffel

the Santa Fe Hotel in Loreto

the Santa Fe Hotel in Loreto
Dave at left and Tim going into the steakhouse near the restaurant

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