Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Day Six to Baja


La Paz ~ 
We were up and out by 8am this morning from Loreto. The sun was shining and cool comfortable temperatures and scenic shadows as we rode an hour to our breakfast stop. We stayed mostly together as we arrived at a restaurant called Restaurante Playas El Novillero.
Small kittens running around the place under the tables were the entertainment during breakfast but when I asked the chef about the cats (in Spanish since the staff spoke very little English), she insisted "we have no cats, what do you mean cats?" I showed her a photo and she remarked, "oh no, not our cats, from next door... we don't even like cats." And there you have it. 

Some of the staff from this same restaurant were so kind as to bring jumper cables out to help Garth jump his F800 that just wasn't going to start due to that problem he's been having with the alternator (stator) back in El Rosario.

We pulled into a Pemex right after breakfast to fill up when a young man named Johnny came over to talk with us when he spied Garth on an F800. Turns out that Johnny was stranded just across the street with the same make/model of motorcycle and the SAME PROBLEM with the alternator (stator) that Garth is having. How does this happen? He and his girlfriend Annie (originally riding two-up) were trying to figure out a tow situation back up to home in Utah. Garth on the other hand is expecting a replacement part to arrive in Cabo very soon (thanks to online Internet resources and a phone).

After the Pemex stop we had 147 miles of straight open desert, open road as far as the eye can see and things to notice again were the stray cow(s) close to the road, occasional dogs trying to come at us and then the beauty and poignancy of the roadside memorials, also known as descansos. These more than anything have gotten my attention because some are so simple and some are grand and almost as big as a small house. One was in a shape of a cactus with adornments as we came into La Paz today. You an read more about them here.

We arrived in La Paz more or less around 3pm and our entire group stopped at a beachside cantina with gorgeous view of the water and sand. We all relaxed and had "linner" which was really a late lunch/dinner so no need for more. We then went on to the Araiza Palmira Hotel and checked in for a mellow evening.

"not our kittens!"


stator/alternator issues continue ~ got out of her with a jump start on Garth's F800

indeed there are two other women riders in addition to me ~ at left is Alina and on right is Rosemarie (both from Canada)

taking a moment out of the searing desert sun for water

mostly the view for this day

descansos / memorials on the side of the road

really is like a postcard in La Paz

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