Wednesday, December 13, 2017

When things don't make sense

So often things don't make sense. On a daily basis, a thing will happen and you find yourself saying to yourself, "wait, what?"

And how to deal with all the change (i.e. the things that don't make sense and have fallen out of your personal routine of understanding?)

Roll with it, find the humor in it. Try to consider how what you can't control or don't agree with can be dropped from the front of your thoughts so it doesn't knock you off your center. Otherwise you just might be angry all the time or god forbid, a curmudgeon. Maybe limit your exposure to the media? Just an idea.

Last week in Coronado I was visiting family and friends when I went to see the Christmas tree at the world famous Hotel Del Coronado.  While looking at the tree with my friend's Katherin and Clyde, I heard two perspectives of this tree. Katherin said her parents were quite alarmed and not in agreement with the upside down idea. On the other hand, Clyde said his 15-year-old Charlie simply strode into the hotel and upon seeing this spectacle he asked "how do they water it?' with a devilish grin. I'm with Charlie ~ let that roll, people. What would you expect from the year we've had as well as the notably fact that Hilton bought this historic hotel less than six months ago. We expect change in this case. The world is topsy turvy, bring it.

This past Sunday I attended a closing ceremony of an art show called "Some things that may be helpful at some point" featuring talented artist David Fullarton that I met and worked with in my advertising years. David's Scottish origins have given him just the right culturally creative perspective on this thing called life and we are blessed to be able to peak inside that brain through his art. The closing day of his show was Dec 10 at the Compound Gallery in Oakland.  I've focused below on a piece because I've often wondered the same ... "why are we all acting like there's no need to panic?" Seeing David at the gallery with his wife Lisa who I've also known from that same ad agency was lovely. David keeps his day job as a copywriter but please take a moment to look at his work here and you can always go the the Compound Gallery to ask and see his pieces that are stored there even when the show is not hanging.

The recipe right now and throughout the holidays: find the humor in the seriousness, as well as counting our blessings and actually stopping to think about them occasionally.

upside down Christmas tree December 2017 / L to R is Katherin, Clyde and me

I ask this to myself sometimes

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