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The Wonders of the Rabbit Hole

dueling queen of hearts 2012 / me @ R
I've always been a huge fan of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and five years ago I attended a party hosted by a friend in the desert in a town called Darwin near Death Valley that was an entire two days of Alice in Wonderland themed festivities.  People took it very seriously at that time complete with a piano player entertaining guests in an old cave used by miners over 100 years ago. The fact that this book was written over 150 years ago and still has such pull is also interesting to me.

With all that in mind, I was inspired to organize an ANNA in WONDERLAND ride this past Saturday and 11 intrepid souls, mostly with the Oakland Motorcycle Club that I'm a member of came with me "down the rabbit hole" for a treasure hunt at six rest stops on a 102 mile route (map below).  It was an all day affair with "prizes for everyone" just like the Caucus Race in the original story. All participants took it very seriously and "a good time was had by all."

The many excellent quotes from this story are worth reviewing at the very least if you can't make time to read the whole bit.

original invitation to join me down the rabbit hole

the first stop / hunt, getting the hang of finding the hidden cards

fierce competition at stop 2 on Mines Rd.

stop 3 at the Junction Bar & Grill and the hunters are moving fast

Tweedle Dum and Dee with Nick at The Junction

Tracy at Lick Observatory almost going head first into the garden

a proper Mad Hatter tea party WITH tea at Joseph Grant County Park

Mark Norris discovers a card under his seat at the tea party

fun to try and hide where the public would not find them

the Junction Bar and Grill on Mines Rd.

roses hidden at each stop scored extra points (reference to the book)

mistress of ceremony for the day

the group at lunch

James carried a flask with this A in W scene engraved
inside the great Lick Refractor, the man James Lick is entombed under the telescope

approaching Lick Observatory, an impressive place

with mostly roads like this, no wonder it took all day to do 102 miles

the route / going clockwise

2012 party in Darwin CA

2012 party in Darwin CA

2012 party in Darwin CA

dueling queen of hearts 2012 Darwin

2012 party in Darwin CA

2012 party in Darwin CA

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