Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Enduro ~ a sport that is like power washing the soul

There is nothing quite like being around an adrenalin sport to electrify the soul and stimulate the senses. This was the case over the past weekend in Fouts Springs, California for the 47th annual Jackhammer Enduro. I learned about this sport last year for the first time and what an enduro is all about. This is an event for some seriously fit individuals as it takes timing, focus, athleticism and some copious stamina. I was honored to be part of the registration crew with the Oakland Motorcycle Club for two days as well as being involved with two checkpoints along the route. And of course motorcycle camping at the venue always brings joy and beauty ~ waking up in the middle of the night to go out and look at the clear stars unobscured by city lights in the Mendocino Forest.

Friday afternoon arrival, ready for the action

this area is very popular for the OHV crowd and will be in perpetuity now

checkpoint 3, the "A" riders coming through 

checkpoint 3 

yep, that's a checkpoint alright ~ checkpoint 10

checkpoint 10 snuck up on some riders who hammered their brakes

Smitty recording the riders and their times

coming in hot to the 10th checkpoint

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