Thursday, September 7, 2017

The cleansing nature of art

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ― Pablo Picasso

Art is so subjective. That being said, here are some artists from this past weekend's 65th Sausalito Art Festival that really got my notice and I was impressed by the creativity.

Jeffrey Zachmann is a true master as a kinetic sculptor and has been at this art festival in years past. Here's a short video about him and his work. One can stand for quite awhile and just stare at his creations as they move.

Michael Gard has also been attending the festival for years and his figurative wire sculptures of many sizes are breathtaking and were whipping around in the breeze this past Monday, looking like they really were leaping on their own.

Elaine Unzicker is another veteran of the art festival and this year I stopped to talk with her awhile and say what a fan I am of her work (authentic metal lace accessories).  Her website is here and the photo I took of her below wearing some of her impressive "gloves".

A jewelry maker that is dear to me as a friend as well as an impressive artist is Katya Wittenstein of Katya Fused Glass.  I have a few of Katya's pieces, rings and necklaces. I almost never go anywhere without at least one of her rings on.  Below is a photo I snapped ... Katya is at right and Jill is on the left. Jill is also a friend and a dedicated fan of Katya's work. Each year for some years now she flies out from Florida to visit and help with the booth.

One more kinetic optical illusion sculptor is Ryan Kvande and his pieces were very engaging. You can see more about him here on his website


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