Sunday, August 27, 2017

LOVEJOY ~ the word describes the place

Portland, Oregon.

What a town. I'm visiting for a few days and I now know it's not my imagination -- this town is gentle and infused with love. There is a vibe that I'm sure has been here since the creation of the town by a man named Asa Lovejoy. His last name is the vibe: LOVE + JOY = Portland. You can feel it as you move around the town. On the way to breakfast two days ago, I encountered an envelope stuck in a crevice of a telephone pole on the corner of Thurman and 24th Ave in the NorthWest District addressed to "Barb". The next morning it was gone. I hope Barb got the note. I asked the waiter inside Nancy's Kitchen if he knew anything about it and he became animated to tell me that Barb indeed was a regular diner there.

even the dogs are chilled out more than other dogs 
art seen at a nearby coffee shop and so many interpretations

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