Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Curiosities of the last two days

The past two days I've been on the road from the Bay Area up to Portland. These 723 miles are really filled with "curiosities". Some I don't even have photos of as I was making good time up the coast. One of my favorites though is from almost fifty years ago in Florence, Oregon:  "Exploding Whale Beach" . There is even a song about it, check it out. But maybe before the song, watch the actual archival video news broadcast to understand it.

The other curiosities along the way shown below ~ the fog is the perfect weather to profile such things and plenty of fog there was all the way up the coast.

at the famous Leggett Chandelier Tree

Memorial Lighthouse at Trinidad Bay ~ a monument dedicated to those lost at sea

Crescent City coastline with an eerie glow due to fires in Brookings, Oregon

goats at the stay Tuesday night ~ such playful and affectionate animals

the cows thought perhaps I was the farmer and were overly enthused when I stopped 

fog is so mysterious and has an ongoing dance with the sun

this building in Alsea Oregon captured my attention

kind of a portal to another dimension and I'm always curious about the history of what went on in buildings like this

fog and more fog ~ very dense from Crescent City all the way up to Cape Sebastian

Two days of travel / overnight in Crescent City (about half way)