Tuesday, July 11, 2017

All of California is a vineyard now

From June 30th until July 9th I did a motorcycle journey from Alameda to Coronado and back for a total of 1,225 miles. Instead of flying, I needed to get down to Coronado for the Fourth of July and meeting up with family. One of the personal milestones was the fact that I rode through 111 degrees Fahrenheit through Encino and Lost Hills for about an hour on the way home. In theory I wouldn't think it was possible but was pleased to discover I survived and it really is a "mind over matter" situation because it felt like the First Circle of Hell.

The other fact that kept tumbling through my head during the trip was how most of the agriculture that I passed in my travels was now vineyards. No more food being grown, just grapes for wine. Who needs food? Just wine will do.

Lastly, the US Highway One between Cambria and Big Sur is going to be closed for a long long time. I did the research after hearing about the slides while I was staying in Cayucos and couldn't believe what I heard.  It was called the "Mother of all slides" in May of this year and after seeing THIS VIDEO, I could understand it. I'll miss riding up that coast but glad I did it when I did all these past years of recent.

down and back on same route for a total of 1,200+ miles

Highway 101, pleasant and feels safer than the Interstate 5 
on the way toward Arroyo Seco Campground heading west

vineyards in places that were once just barren, everywhere you go is a vineyard

hot and looks like a tinder box all through California right now

but always cool and foggy at the GG Bridge

unbelievable slides on Highway One from Cambria to Big Sur (this image from Google Earth)
in Woodland Hills, my temperature gauge read this for awhile

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The same has been happening here in BC's Okanagan Valley over the past 25 years or so. More and more vineyards and fewer fruit tree orchards Vineyards and wine tours are trendy. It is all about the profit and tourism $. Few people will travel to visit an apple or apricot orchard but a winery for sure will attract tourists.