Tuesday, June 6, 2017

the million dollar highway but don't take your eyes off the road

Yesterday I started out in Fruita, Colorado with some incredibly warm temperatures already happening at 10am. I made my way to the Colorado National Monument and I can see why it is also called the "heart of the world". The 23 miles of road going through the monument have one amazing view after another. It takes real concentration not to go off the road. Then after a few hours I arrived at the picturesque town of Ouray, Colorado to have lunch. It really did remind me of a Swiss European ski village. After leaving there on my way to Silverton, I rode on the first part of what is known as the "Million Dollar Highway", U.S. Route 550.  The fact that there are no guard rails and complete drop offs to the right as I made my way along really got my attention. At one point I watched a tow truck driver pulling a Harley out of a ditch on the other side of the road. The rider long gone but I could see why it would happen with the head-spinning views. This morning I woke up in Silverton and after visiting their impressive large historical museum, I made my way to Durango over two of the 10,000+ high mountain passes and the ever-present capricious weather that dances around the mountains... only a few rain drops actually got on me and such beauty at all times.

Colorado National Monument
Colorado National Monument

going up to Red Mountain Pass on the Million Dollar Highway 

Million Dollar Highway going toward Silverton, CO

the weather is so capricious, this rain hanging in the air but not touching down

one of the 10,000 foot passes leaving Silverton on the way to Durango

me this morning after breakfast in Silverton

another reminder I might not be in California anymore ~ this is a sporting good store in Durango
the route yesterday and today


Unknown said...

Hello dear friend! You look terrific and I'm jealous of your freedom. What a beautiful adventure. I've never been there. But now it's almost as if I have. Cat W.

chasmac said...

Awesome photos on another one of your incredible journey's Anna! I admire your ability to ride your motorcycle so many miles day after day, you're a real warrior.
I look forward to catching up with you when you return to the Bay Area, hoping that some of your inspiration will wear off onto me.

Best wishes,

Charlie McIntyre