Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The aspen trees have eyes

those are eyeballs on the tree, don't you agree?

Have you seen an aspen tree? It looks like it has eyes on the trunk. Or maybe that's my own creative hallucination after riding all day from Moab to Park City Utah yesterday. I like to stretch reality in my mind anyway though and I do it without the assistance of substances. I rarely speak this fact out loud. It's a matter of perception, as all things are.

The day yesterday was quite good even though that old wind had moments of getting my attention along the way, it was nothing next to the day before. I left Moab kind of early at 8am in order to get to the Arches National Park and not have to wait in a mile-long entrance line. I was rewarded with only four cars in front of me which was not the case when I left two hours later and the line was out to the highway.  I drove through and stopped a few places for the jaw-dropping views and then I went back to the visitor's center to watch the 15 minute film explaining why the land looks this way. If you haven't been here, I highly recommend it.

Then after Arches I made my way to Price, Utah for lunch and it seemed a little bit like a city that time forgot with the downtown having old seemingly unused buildings. I planned a route out of there to avoid the busy towns and so I went up and over a 9100 ft pass on US Highway 191 to Duchesne, Utah. I heard the navigator voice in my helmet pronounce the name "doo-shane" so of course I stopped and walked in a gun store to confirm the pronunciation of the place. It's a French word of course.

I left Duchesne and rode due west on Highway 40 toward Park City and crossed over Freedom Bridge in Starvation State Park. The names alone must be stated here, they had me wondering about the history. When I arrived in Park City at a friend's home, I dismounted my motorcycle and looked over at the aspen tree and saw the eyes.

Arches National Park

near the Garden of Eden ~ I'm in the photo to show I was there

even in the mirrors, head-snapping beauty with the sandstone

Arches National Park

Arches National Park
Duchesne Utah stopping to confirm the pronunciation of the name of this town

easy to get rather close to the desert animals
the terrain can change so quickly in these parts of Utah

Price, Utah

heading toward Duchesne on the US 191 ~ very little traffic for 50 miles

Freedom Bridge over Starvation Reservoir
I felt a resonance with this place since I like to use the term "love muffin" in my vernacular, this is in Moab, UT

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