Sunday, June 4, 2017

a famous headless chicken named Mike ~ from Fruita, Colorado

This morning I left Vernal, Utah and headed South. The night before I had looked on the map to find a location to spend this evening and I liked the name Fruita, Colorado but didn't read anything about it in advance. As I checked the weather before I left today, I saw that the temperatures were warm (in the 90s). So when I left Vernal, I did a few obligatory stops to see the dinosaurs since Dinosaur National Monument is on the way out of town. And then I went through the actual town of Dinosaur which has a few interesting street signs (but that's really about it). I traveled a long uninterrupted stretch of highway after the town of Rangely in Colorado.  The border of Colorado welcomed me with a sign that said "Welcome to Colorful Colorado".

It was with great surprise and delight that after a really nice meal of Baja Fish Tacos at Camilla's Kafe in downtown Fruita, I walked on over to Jules Hidden Treasures because her signage was so intriguing. And there I met Jules and found out that I was standing in the town where Mike The Headless Chicken is celebrated because this famous chicken was from here.  Not only that, but she was selling some interesting shirts that her husband Mike had drawn for the recent annual festival that I had apparently missed by ONE DAY! Oh well, I'm still happy to be in the town where it all happened. WTF stands for "Welcome To Fruita" by the way, don't get any ideas.

I had seen the headless chicken video on YouTube some years ago and found it incredible even then. CLICK HERE if you don't know about it.  This one YouTube video about it made me laugh because it sounds like if SIRI were explaining the chicken but you can find other videos by googling.

leaving Vernal, Utah ~ I had to stop and take a picture with "Dinah" built in 1958 

a brief stop at Dinosaur National Monument in order to learn more about the fossils 
the view at Dinosaur National Monument

street sign in the town of Dinosaur Colorado

signage to Jules Hidden Treasures

Mike (Jules husband) created this shirt for the Festival

from my brief examination of Fruita, Colorado ~ this is the sentiment 

a "short" ride day but plenty hot and lots to see

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