Thursday, September 29, 2016

Facing the unknown ~ inspiring people

At the Dolphin Club in San Francisco, many people that are both members and guests there never fail to impress me. Swimming and rowing at the club is not only "good clean fun" as my sister Rae would say but also good for the mind and soul.

It is with open mouthed amazement that I listened to Lynne Cox last night talk about her newest book "Swimming in the Sink" to a crowded room like-minded souls who swim in very cold water too. The peaceful sense of heart-based love was definitely in the room as Lynne related the human connection and spirit/community as the key to the mental toughness to carry hope for humanity which is what spurred her on during many of her legendary swims. Her talk brought tears to my eyes (leaky eyes). Then I smiled to see another luminous person in the book signing line, our very own Dolphin Club Kim Chambers who has set a few open water swimming records herself and I asked them to stand for this photo.

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