Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kite Foil ~ knifing through the water at great speeds

The first time I witnesssed a kite foil last Friday zip by me at about 20 knots, my mouth fell open. It's like watching something from the future. Or maybe we ARE in the future and this is proof. I volunteered working on the St. Francis Yacht Club Race Committee Boat stationed at the finish line for the second day of qualifying races. Ten races throughout the afternoon made me fairly famiar with the sport and the individuals. Below is my photo of Johnny Heineken taken as he crossed the finish line first in the first race of the day. The sound the foil makes at certain speeds at the mast as it slices through the water is a high wine as well as the constant knifelike "shhhhhhhhhhhhh" sound.

This video below was composed of a series of videos I took on my iPhone while documenting the racing. The one that really intrigued and scared me a little was the yellow jersey man who wiped out very close to our boat and I wondered if the foil was going to decapitate us for a moment. Also, here's an interesting piece of drone footage video of the action last weekend.

2015 Kite Foil GoldCup in San Francisco from Anna MacKinnon on Vimeo.
This video is about the international 2015 Kite Foil GoldCup held in San Francisco July 30 - August 2. These images taken from the finish line.

me at the finish line 7-31-15

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