Monday, May 18, 2015

"The best water you've ever tasted" ~ said nobody ever

This morning my friend Dick drove me to Ashland, Oregon because he had an appointment. He dropped me off downtown for my self-guided tour. Before he drove off, he mentioned some things to see and then casually said while pointing over to a communal water fountain "and to taste the best water you've ever had in your life, go over to those fountains." I walked around for about an hour and then I couldn't resist the attractive water fountains that were obviously from an earlier time (as seen in the photo). The water bubbled out in each of the fountains and so with my left hand holding my latte, I carefully bent down and tasted the water.  The immediate sensation was the fizziness that obscured the flavor but then this "Lithia water" must be an acquired taste. I can describe the flavor as carbonated boot juice, like it had been marinating and fermented inside vintage boots from World War I. Of course my curiousity was immediately sparked after the tasting and so I read the Wiki (click here) to know more about the interest and supposed health benefits. I took comfort in the fact that perhaps by tasting one mouthful of this magic elixir, I have arrested some deleterious brain aging and perhaps prevented dementia. You must try it for yourself and report back what you think.

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