Saturday, May 2, 2015

Modern life best described by acronyms

Two years ago I heard what has become one of my favorite acronyms, FOMO. I don't feel I have this syndrome but sometimes say it in my head when I hear about people and their lives. Just yesterday when talking to my brother Ian, I had to tell him about it and I was surprised to hear it was new to him. I guess we're all getting old if we can't keep up with these crafty and helpful acronyms. FOMO has been written about extensively (just google it to discover for yourself) and whole areas of study are fueled by it thanks to the digital hand-held devices we all carry around.  FOMO comes from the concept that "you can imagine how things could be different" if only you had been there. And we all know how powerful imagination can be. That brings me to my second favorite acronym heard months ago, YOLO, You Only Live Once that we have a Canadian rapper to thank for in 2011 ~ pure genius.

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