Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Numb but Fun ~ Winter fitness routine in sunny California

Yesterday’s weekly ritual of meeting up at the Dolphin Club with my friends Kelley Heye and Andrea Allen for our swim in the bay, we happened to literally float into Joe Locke while he was swimming too. We had a little chat about his accomplishment last July (see article here). Joe said he decided to do his historic record-breaking swim after a bet was made one night with some friends. Photo below of Kelley with Joe. Kelley inspires me also with her business of physical fitness training and putting the “fun” back into fitness, her website here and we enjoy our own personal bests at the club. {photos taken on an old iPhone inside a waterproof bag courtesy of Kelley's ingenuity}
me under the Dolphin Club dock on the way back in from swimming

Kelley by the first swim buoy

Kelley with Joe Locke

Andrea Allen at left with me ~ we're not cold, just numb (54 degree water)

what it feels like ~ a bit distorted

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