Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rowing ~ good for what ails you

Today a group of us rowed the Wieland from the Dolphin Club to Sam's Anchor Cafe in Tiburon for brunch. This was our celebratory time following the big win on October 25th against the South End Rowing Club. Highlights of today include leaving the calm of the harbor to be greeted by impressive and noteworthy swells with "confused seas" that ended up smacking us repeatedly and leaving gallons of water in the boat. Things on the bay calmed down after we got to the West of Alcatraz but I fully expected to see a fish or two swimming in the boat with the amount of water we had taken on. We arrived at 9:45 am to Sam's and promptly tied up to go eat a sumptous brunch complete with bloody Mary's -- why not? Then it was time to switch seats for the row back. I took the leisure seat in the bow in order to film this piece below while watching rowing happen. As we were getting ready to launch from Tiburon, a man was excitedly watching us on the dock as we bailed the water with drinking cups. I invited him down and he was gobsmacked to discover Charlie as one of the people in the crew being surrounded by a bunch of Valkyries and so he had a short dialogue of inquiry with Charlie who simply responded in classic improv fashion "This is my 'Make-a-Wish' event". The row back was calm and cool, we switched seats a few times and ended up having our lovely president Diane Walton bring the boat in and land it. Following the recovery of the barge, we then alerted Charlie that it was time to toss him in the water.  We carried him to the end of the Dolphin Club dock and try not to hurt him while tossing him off the end of the pier. Just a regular Sunday at the club!

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