Friday, November 1, 2013

Sisyphean Chalk Guy in San Francisco

Andrew and I were headed out to pick up our lunch on Kearny St. an hour ago when we both looked down at a mysterious 2 foot swath of continuous white stuff on the sidewalk. We knew it wasn't paint but it certainly was drawing our attention. On the way back to the office, we were curious and excited to look off toward Sacramento St. and see the person with the giant white "cube" on the corner. We went up to investigate and ask questions. A myriad of bystanders were observing and remarking as well. Turns out the man is named Nathaniel Price, an artist doing a series called Drawn by pulling a 160 pound chunk of white chalk on a rope through the streets of San Francisco, trying to end up at the Golden Gate Bridge. It's not the first time he's done this, as seen on his website. The project elicits quite a few responses and it's part of the plan and what started out in my mind as resistance "who the heck left this crap on Kearny St?" ended up as delight. One lady in Chinatown yellowed out to Nathaniel "you need a car" and all I could think of was how it appeared to by a Sisyphean task.

Nathaniel doesn't pose for photos but he'll answer questions

Nathaniel explaining his project

Andrew took a photo of the chalk

Andrew and I were honored to be trusted as "chalk tenders" while Nathaniel grabbed his lunch nearby

crossing Sacramento at Kearny, the chalk mark

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