Friday, November 29, 2013

Crab instead of Turkey for Thanksgiving ~ why not?

Turkeys were spared today as some crab harvesting was in order near Potato Patch Shoal just outside of the Golden Gate.  The swells were remarkable in size and thus only one pot was retrievable. Watching the waves crash not far away on the shallow part of the shoal was a show in itself. A couple of the ten guests had to go "face down" on couches to "listen for crabs" (aka feeling queasy) but alas, eight of the crustaceans were gathered and cooked on the dock. What an exciting and novel adventure and then we found out later the Coast Guard had declared the area off limits to boats due to swell size, phew.

waves breaking nearby on the shallow part of the shoal

the bridge with shadow heading out to the fishing site

me pretty delighted with the size of these crabs

cooking the crabs on the dock

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