Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Rowing Season Wraps Up with a Win

Yesterday morning began with a thick layer of fog through the middle of the San Francisco Bay... the Annual Dolphin Club vs. South End Rowing Club triathalon commenced with the "barge race" between the two large 6-seat rowing boats. Being on the Dolphin Team, I'm pleased to report we won in our Wieland boat and probably due to the long weekend practices of rowing up to four hours in all kinds of conditions. Because the fog dictated over an hour of "warm up" to find the right conditions to hold the race and finally all agreed to run the course from St. Francis Yacht Club to the Aquatic Park since the visibility was improved there.

Here's a video from practice a few weeks ago as well as photos from the race (thanks to Ian Tervet for shooting most of them).


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