Thursday, June 6, 2013

Unsettling, intriguing and noteworthy ~ clowns

If it were just a simple case of coulrophobia, I'd understand but it's more than that. My sister and I loathe clowns and we know we're not alone. Two years ago my friend Caroline was driving across the Western U.S. toward home here in San Francisco and happened upon the town of Tonopah, Nevada at the end of a long day. She needed to rest up there because the next segment of driving was a long uninterrupted stretch of road (photos below) that would have been at night. It was with some anxiety that Caroline found the only room that evening in July 2011 was at the Clown Motel.  I can't think of a scarier thing and I'm not afraid of much. Glad she survived to tell me about it.

heading west out of Tonopah ~ you better have gas on board

for the love of aliens ~ they're everywhere

kind of beautiful and haunting in the emptiness

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Caroline said...

Brilliant Anna! You captured my motel from hell perfectly, and it's therapeutic to have it publically acknowledged that clowns are SPOOKY.