Saturday, May 25, 2013

wildflowers and the sublime fragrance of horse sweat

Small yellow flower
Stands alone upon the hill
Sweet smell of summer

I don't even know much about Haiku but that sums up the better part of today. Riding in the Headlands on trusty steed Cobbo ~ she was up for adventure and so we headed out on a 3+ hour ride. Wildflowers were out, sun and cool breeze, plenty of views and then whoa ~ limping. Dismounting on Rodeo Valley Trail to examine the problem ~ the horseshoe on the front left hoof was gone. So this meant a two hour walk (both of us) back to the barn. It was certainly enjoyable but a cool reminder of tick season when I got home to find two ticks not yet embedded but certainly cruising around on my body. Tick = ick.

many varieties of wildflowers all over the headlands at this time of year

Alta Trail,  dappled shadows, cool path

Bobcat Trail at the Hawk Camp overlook toward the Pacific Ocean 

Cobbo stops her ascent of Rodeo Valley Trail for a view / yes that's horse sweat

shoe-be-gone ~ tender footed walk back to the barn

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