Sunday, November 18, 2012

What bliss feels like ~ more or less

A summary of today's most memorable sensual experience while riding the motorcycle ~ 

The fragrance of sage and juniper wafted through my helmet following the rain last night and yesterday that left the roads damp. Seeing a break in the weather this morning, I headed out to grab some miles up to my favorite destination of Point Reyes. Being careful not to hurry into the corners of the familiar curvy road due to the damp patches – nonetheless I was able to get up to speeds that elicited the pleasant sensation of being at the center of powerful centrifugal forces. The syncopated sounds of the boxer engine revving and slowing in and out of the curves was also another source of comfort and familiarity – the incredible burst of force as I accelerated out of a turn, all 100 horses of the 1200cc engine demonstrating their might. Arriving there, the sun was shining and backlighting the puffy clouds that looked like a painting and the temperature gauge indicated 59 degrees. After stopping for a few hours to enjoy the world famous oyster stew, I stepped outside to feel the shift in the weather ~ the rain and high cloud overcast appeared to be returning rapidly with dampness hanging heavy in the air. I headed south down the US 1 and pulled over at the Muir Beach Outlook to take this photo of the sun struggling to break through even while occluded by a heavy weather front of high clouds. This might be the best light for photography or so they say ~ rather flat, white and somehow illuminating the edges of trees and rocks and other dark objects. With a light breeze blowing onshore, bundled warmly in my riding gear, smell of the pine trees and damp earth, nobody around and intense quiet while gazing out on the Pacific Ocean ~ I felt that immense grounding, peace and gratitude that produces serenity.

“Live to the point of tears.” 
― Albert Camus


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