Monday, August 6, 2012

700 miles on skateboards ~ that's rad

This past Saturday I was cruising down Highway One just north of the town of Marshall when I saw slowing traffic ahead due to some tall helmet-cladded heads bobbing in the distance. Obviously I could see they were in a standing position. As I drew nearer I recognized the familiar skateboard movement but this defied logic in that they were on a twisty part of a coast highway and these three chaps were skateboarding with backpacks on. After passing and gawking at them, I pulled over to the side of the road on my moto and whipped out my trusty iPhone for photographs. Below is my best shot ... after which I cruised up next to this guy (not sure which of the three it is) and shouted through my helmet "what the heck are you doing? can I get a card from you?!" to which he nodded and met me further down the road. As I went to shake his hand, he fist bumped me instead after turning over his very damaged palm that had met with the pavement earlier in the day, ouch! Kevin, Michael and Eric are putting in 700 miles from Brookings, OR to San Luis Obispo, CA in a trip they call Skate Treks for Charity ~ check out their website here. My hat is off to these adventurers and I wished them safe travels, explaining that this mode of transportation was also one of my favorite that I still use when I visit my parents in Coronado (see below).

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