Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ephemeralization ~ something to ponder

R. Buckminster Fuller continues to leave me in a state of wonder the more I learn about him and his brilliant ideas. His coined term of ephemeralization and the idea of eventually doing "everything with nothing" is quite a mind bender. In relation to this, I watched for the umpteenth time the comic Louis C.K. as he performed the piece Everything's Amazing & Nobody's Happy. It is so telling that as our population experiences ephemeralization , we are not necessarily happier as a result.   Not long ago I explained to someone that my weekend horsebackriding experience is compelling for the simple fact that the equipment/experience is identical to how it's been for centuries... no new technology to the horse, leather saddle and rider ~ so refreshing.

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Fred said...

Interesting that we approach the "everything" but not the "nothing." We use more than ever, increasing resource exploitation at an exponential rate.