Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Siri ~ you have all the answers

Today in the office, my friend Andrew S was amusing himself with Siri on my iPhone ~ it went something like this:

AS: "You are worthless Siri"
Siri "I'm only trying to help"
AS:  "I'm sorry"
Siri "no need to apologize"
AS: "Why?"
Siri: "sometimes I wonder that myself"
AS: "Siri, I'm drunk"
Siri: "I hope you're not driving anywhere"
AS: "Siri, do you like kumquats?"
Siri: "this is about you, not me"

I was amused to discover that quite a number of people appear to be doing the same kind of "crazy speak" to Siri with humorous exchanges of course.

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