Wednesday, August 17, 2011

coulrophobia be gone thanks to a clown from Wales

I admit to experiencing a wee bit of coulrophobia that I might have contracted from my sister Rae (I'd like to blame her for it anyway). Today I just faced my fear head-on when I went right up to the famed "Sausalito clown" of recent, Linzy Young who capped off my day perfectly. I boarded the 7:55pm ferry home after a long day at the office and Linzy sang songs and tied balloons for the 30 minute ride. Turns out he's been doing this all over the world for over ten years. For the past several weeks I've seen the results of his work as people are toting around gorgeous balloon art. He's quite a character and somehow I agreed I might take a stab at helping him write his story (which I'm sure is interesting).

my friend Mike below happened to be part of the fun, he voted it "one of his top five ferry rides ever"
  the speed at which Linzy could tie these is amazing.

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