Sunday, July 24, 2011

One way to be done with it ...

I've had people remark that I have an unusual amount of weird things happen around me.  Last night was no exception as I went to the beach for a typical Saturday night bonfire with my friends. During the picnic around our campfire, we happened to look to the south of the beach and see a striking image. A woman dressed all in black with beautiful raven hair was walking around a white dress hanging on a makeshift cross. She had two friends with her, one who was documenting the "event" with a camera. We sensed we were about to behold a ceremony related to scorned love and so went to over to see what it was about. Sure enough, raven-haired lady was purging the grief from a "man who almost ruined my life" and doing some incantations followed by an interesting burn of the dress. The remarkable part was the transfixed onlookers saying nary a word, most of who seemed to be young pre-teen girls. The 20-something men to my right, being of Latin origin were thoroughly confused and asked me questions as if I had been the spokesperson for the evening. All they had to say was "but she's so beautiful, she could have any man she wants".

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