Friday, April 15, 2011

Up a creek, through a wormhole, with a paddle ~ Teletubbies can run

This week I had one of those odd people sightings (paddle man, see below) that occur with some frequency in San Francisco. It got me to thinking about some of my favorites over the years and so I share them here with you now...

This man below was presumably resting, photo taken from the 8th floor office window looking down at plaza across the street. My theory (prove me wrong if you dare) is that this person just materialized through the unmistakably wormhole portal to our planet.

One of my all time favorites, several years ago this fellow set up a desk at the corner of California and Montgomery St in San Francisco and for at least an hour, positioned himself motionless lying on the desk, dressed in a suit. Double click the photo to read his sign, he asked for no money but only items to be deposited in the briefcase from the observer's workday world. Note that almost nobody is really noticing him, even the man on the cell phone can't hang up.

Robot man/lady? In front of the Ferry Building some years ago, never saw him/her again after about a month. I suppose it wasn't lucrative enough but he/she did robot movements in this fantastic outfit.

Paddle man ~ seen last Wednesday walking across the Embarcadero in San Francisco, paddle with no boat but this was the third sighting in a week always sans-a-boat, just made me wonder maybe he didn't want to be up that creek without the paddle.

That Teletubbie can boogie, who knew? I was practically running to catchup to the Teletubbie but this was as close as I got, he was hauling-A down California St. Couldn't catch him.

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