Sunday, February 27, 2011

When you need to "freshen up" digitally ...neolexia at its finest.

A couple of weeks ago at work I heard the following term "digitally freshen up". It was uttered casually at 8am before a day-long meeting and without a moment's hesitation as if it was a standard everyday term -- I intuited the meaning. I was so impressed later that evening after not finding evidence of the term doing Google search that I had to post the word on urban dictionary. Thank you Stevens for being a natural neoligist and enriching my day.

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John said...

Careful there as you bandy about such terms as neoligist. Sarah Palin would claim to be one, if she were aware of the noun, by virtue of her use of the non-word "refudiate".
Be advised that neolexia is listed as a genus of moth in the family Geometridae.