Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to wear when riding an ostrich

I had this dream two nights ago where I encountered an ostrich at some large outdoor art/music festival and somehow I could communicate with him. Then for whatever reason, it seemed logical that I could get on him and ride around all over the place. The ostrich carefully lowered himself and I got on and rode in many directions and saw many things. It was important I then don the outfit of the “ostrich rider” complete with jaunty pink felt hat that looked like a small cone. Somehow the hat and “outfit” completed the look of “ridiculousness” that I needed to have. 
I found the following info below when googling on the web about ostrich riding ~

If you're ever in South Africa and would like to do something different, try riding an ostrich. It can be a fun and exciting activity, assuming you're up for the challenge. Just in case the opportunity arises, here are some steps to follow that will make the ride easier.
Difficulty: Challenging
1.      Find an ostrich to ride. There are many in South Africa and other countries around the world, but not every place will let you ride one. Check locally for ostrich farms and ask if they allow rides. Once you've chosen a bird, the handlers will slide a canvas bag over the ostrich's head and take it to the mounting area.
2.      Mount the bird. Have someone hold the wings back as you swing your leg over the body of the bird. This will ensure that you don't get hit as you try to balance.
3.      Hold on tight. Cross your legs as tightly as possible and keep your feet tucked under the bird's front. Grab hold of the top part of the wings to stay firmly seated as you find a secure position.
4.      Enjoy your ride. After the handler removes his canvas bag, the ostrich will start moving. Keep your legs locked to maintain your balance as it sprints around like a bucking bronco. Usually, the ride is under a minute.
5.      Enlist the help of the ostrich handlers to help you dismount. This will keep the bird still while you stumble off.

Last but not least, this precious little piece about ostrich racing

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