Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home again and all five senses fully satisfied...

Just before noon is when I pulled into my driveway here at home today which ended my 1200 mile round trip that I left on a week ago. I always take a moment to reflect and feel blessed for the experiences and people I met along the way. Here is a partial list of what I thought of today that fully satisfied my five senses during my ride home from Big Sur up Highway One:
  • the deep belly laughs I enjoyed while having coffee with Nicole of Deetjen's Inn right before I got going on my trip 
  • the smells of wood burning fires, especially in Big Sur and Carmel Highlands
  • the breathtaking beauty of the sun as it warmed up the hills in Big Sur at 8am this morning
  • the crisp but not overly cold temperature with sun
  • the CHP officer who waved at me as he passed when I was going 70mph and didn't even know he was passing me
  • the calm of the Pacific Ocean looking so inviting
  • no traffic from Big Sur all the way to Carmel and then very little traffic after that
  • the incredible gusts of wind coming across the freeway in Castroville that almost lifted the helmet off of my head making me feel very much alive
  • heated vest and hand grips making it all so very comfortable
  • my motorcycle not having any problems!


Kevin Foley said...

it's a great feeling....

Anonymous said...

especially crossing the GGB