Sunday, October 10, 2010

What I wondered about today on 10-10-10 ~ unexplained phenomena

Today's date of 10-10-10 is a good day to ponder unexplained natural phenomena. One of my personal favorites is SHC, better known as Spontaneous Human Combustion. For some strange reason the past several months has produced no less than three different sightings in the SF Bay Area of a perfectly decent pair of shoes upright on the sidewalk with nobody in (or near) them. I just have to wonder if SHC is happening and nobody seems to be the wiser (except me). My other theory is that the shoes are somehow migrating by themselves on their way to be part of one of the many American Roadside Attractions known as Shoe Trees where a harmless tree is festooned with hundreds of shoes, curious indeed.

Tamarisk Shoe Tree

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