Monday, October 4, 2010

Certified Organic ~ how can you tell?

12:30pm today in my office: I procured sandwiches and salads for a group of five in the conference room as they prepared for a meeting. I was in the kitchen when lo-and-behold one of my principals came quickly around the corner holding the bottom of his salad container and pointing in the direction of remaining three leaves of lettuce in the bottom and what do I see there? An energetic beetle covered in salad dressing just wishing he was somewhere else. The disappointed lunch eater had the tight facial skin overly-happy (but that means he's really not happy) expression of Howdy Doody in proclaiming his discovery. And then he was gone, back into the conference room so as not to be late and the show must go on.
I heard that the insect discovery rather slowed down the fervor for which the people in the conference room were eating their respective salads. The place where I bought the food patiently explained that they didn't use pesticides and that this is the sometimes unfortunate downside of such a practice. In the end, my Buddhist nature drove me to take the beetle outside and release it the park, which I did.

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