Sunday, December 6, 2009

Energy follows thought

Almost one week gone in December and already the frenzy is starting. People feeling "behind" as they push themselves to an annual mania of getting five jillion things done before Christmas. Then the unpleasant thoughts and emotions are present too. I refuse to join the hysteria. My secret? Virtual 'thought police' pills that I've concocted and I can share some with you. No, this isn't the same thought police like in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four ~ this is something I've invented (and remember, it's only virtual so you must envision this). These little capsules are about the normal size of a Tylenol and they physically resemble the innocuous Fisher Price Play Family / Little People from in the 1970's. Anytime one feels the beginning pattern of a recurring nasty thought, ingest the pill and it goes into the bloodstream, works magically with the neuropeptides in the brain and forces the odious thought to dissolve completely. Only the positive/constructive thoughts can survive and remain. The process is similar to how an antibiotic works on bacteria. I believe these pills will help all of us during the holidays as I've observed that melancholy, fear, anxiety, self-doubt is rampant these days.

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Anonymous said...

Which one is melancholy, fear, anxiety, self-doubt and what is the missing one? Halitosis? Body odor?